Chill with South African Portuguese

Chill with South African Portuguese

Quit being a tonto and come chill with some authentic South African Portuguese. Get babbelas on poncha or a catemba, try some trinchado or discover the origins of piri piri!

Portuguese explorers first sailed and settled the coasts of South Africa during the 15th century! Today Portuguese South Africans number more than  300 000.

What's the Deal?

  • Experience dinner with an authentic South African Portuguese family.

  • Unless you prefer driving yourself, we can arrange for you to be transported to and from this experience.

  • You will enjoy a hearty three course home-cooked meal over an entertaining conversation with your hosts.

If there is no dinner listed on the date that you looking for. Please call us on (021) 832 0966  or email us on and we will arrange one for you

How it works

We vet all our hosts

We check out all our hosts so you dont have to worry, please see our FAQ's for more info

We'll hook you up!

Remember that if you don't see a dinner listed on the date you want, just call us on +27 21832 0966 or email us on


“Brilliant idea! Wish this was available in every city. It’s a fantastic way to explore the culture of a place” Marv, UK

“This was amazing. Beats another dinner in another anonymous restaurant (that could be anywhere in the world). Was the highlight of my trip!” Gloria, UK