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Kuier met Afrikaners

Ja-nee, enjoy the more-ishness of biltong, or the heavenly satisfaction of malva pudding while listerning to some boeremusiek. Afrikaners, descended mainly from Dutch, German and French settlers, developed a unique culture flavoured with delectables such as droлwors, malva pudding and melk tert. 

Choon real South African Indians

Vaai pozzy and have a lukka chow. Choon some real South African Indians. Drink mineral from a tumbler, eat a bunny, an’ all The 1.2 million South African Indian community are largely descended from 19th century immigrants and bring a spicy flavor to the rainbow nation! Over the generations they’ve developed a unique and distinct culture, lingo and cuisine. Spend the evening exploring this fascinating and uniquely South African culture. 

Jol with genu-wiiine Cape Malays

Feeling bakgat? Feast with bona fide Cape Malays. Do you smaak a koesister or if you’re very hungry, a lekker big plate of bobotie or tomato bredie? The Cape Malays are descended from maritime SE Asia but over the centuries have developed a uniquely South African culture, famous for culinary delights such as koeksisters, bredies and bobotie. 

Chill with South African Portuguese

Quit being a tonto and come chill with some authentic South African Portuguese. Get babbelas on poncha or a catemba, try some trinchado or discover the origins of piri piri! Portuguese explorers first sailed and settled the coasts of South Africa during the 15th century! Today Portuguese South Africans number more than 300 000. 

Break bread with an "African"

Want to taste some inyama yegusha, iimbotyi or amasi. A bit of utywala beer or fiery chakalaka? Want to practice some tongue-twisting ‘click’ words? mmm..if you thought we were all Africans well, you were right! Yet some major ethnic groups such as the Zulu, Xhosa, Basotho, Bapedi, Venda, Tswana, Tsonga, Swazi and Ndebele peoples are often collectively referred to as “African” or “Black African”. Although this doesn't make a lot of sense to us, it's most likely a legacy of the crazy apartheid  

Hang with some Saffers!

Well as you know South Africa is the Rainbow Nation and we just do not fit neatly into boxes. So we at decided to create this category, which really isn't a category at all. It's a mixed bag of diversity. We mean these South Africans just do not identify with any single group. It is a melting pot, a hodge podge, a potpourri, a melange, a smorgasbord of cultures and traditions woven into one interesting tapestry. 

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