Become a Host and Earn

Why Host?

  • To make extra money
  • To meet interesting guests from around the world
  • To share knowledge about your culture, customs and traditions

How long will guests stay?

  • Two to two and a half hours

Who are the guests?

  • Guests are mainly tourists (but may include locals) wishing to better understand South Africa and its cultures

Who can I contact for more information on becoming Host?

How Pozay works

Pozay is a service owned and operated by DragonPhenix (Pty) Ltd that connects hosts with guests. This service is accessible telephonically, over email and at (or any other websites through which DragonPhenix makes the Pozay service available).

Guests wishing to explore the diversity of cultures by meeting and dining with a Host family at their home, selects an option (e.g. South African Indians) from Pozay’s listings. Pozay matches the guest’s request with Host families in its database. Hosts are matched on, but not limited to, requested culture and availability. If a match occurs, the event is confirmed with both the Guest and the Host. At this time, the Guest is charged a fee for the event.

On the day of the visit, the Guest will arrive at the designated time. You don't have to do anything special!  The Guest is hoping to meet the real you, so relax, cook up some typical dishes, and enjoy the evening.

The Host is expected to provide at least a three course meal (starter, main course and dessert) typical of their culture. It is important to understand that the Guest is expecting to experience a typical meal with the Host family. It is unnecessary for the Host to cook an elaborate out-of-the ordinary meal. The Host should also be prepared to engage the Guest in conversation and discussion. Feel free to share your favourite game, area information or family history. The Guest expects to learn about the Host and the Host’s culture. The Host should also take the opportunity to learn about the Guest and their culture. The experience is expected to last 2-2.5 hours.

The fee, less service charges and applicable taxes, is transferred to the Host within 24 hours of the visit.

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We vet all our hosts

We check out all our hosts so you dont have to worry, please see our FAQ's for more info

We'll hook you up!

Remember that if you don't see a dinner listed on the date you want, just call us on +27 21832 0966 or email us on


“Brilliant idea! Wish this was available in every city. It’s a fantastic way to explore the culture of a place” Marv, UK

“This was amazing. Beats another dinner in another anonymous restaurant (that could be anywhere in the world). Was the highlight of my trip!” Gloria, UK